Men Caught with Over 130 Lbs of Ganja Charged with Breaches of the Dangerous Drugs Act 

Jamaica Crime News, St Elizabeth: Detectives attached to the Narcotics Division say they have now laid criminal charges against three of the four men who were held in Lacovia, St Elizabeth on Thursday, May 3, with ganja weighing over 130 pounds.

The investigators have released the identities of the men as Glendford Welcome, 56-year-old mechanic of Port Maria in St Mary and Kerron Wilson, 37-year-old mechanic and he hails from Vineyard district in St Elizabeth. The other accused has been identified as, Leroy Gordon, 39-year-old farmer of Port Maria.

They have been slapped with charges of Dealing in, Possession of Ganja and Use of Conveyance and Conspiracy.

130 Lbs of Ganja Seized in St Elizabeth, 4 Men Arrested

Reports are that on Thursday afternoon, members of the Narcotics Division carried out an operation along a section of the Lacovia main road in St Elizabeth.

During the operation, they intercepted a motor car with Gordon and another man on board.  While been questioning the police noticed that the men were acting in a suspicious manner and they were detained.

Minutes later, another vehicle which the police say was allegedly being piloted by the first vehicle was also intercepted.  A search of the vehicle led to the discovery of 14 black plastic bags containing loose ganja weighing approximately 130 pounds.

Welcome and Wilson who were also traveling in the second vehicle were also taken into custody.

All three men are expected to appear in the Black River Parish Court on Thursday, May 10, where they will answer to charges.


By Henry Bucknor

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