Members Of Ports Security Corps Ltd. Keeping Safe

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Jamaica News: Managing Director of Ports Security Corps Ltd. (PSC), Major Merrick Lloyd, is satisfied with the level of care taken by the agency and its officers in following the necessary protocols to prevent COVID-19 infection.

In an interview with JIS News, Major Lloyd explained that the PSC is responsible for carrying out security screening at the airports and seaports, which necessitates close contact with arriving passengers.

“As you can imagine, as a part of executing our functions, we also come in physical contact with persons, because that is the only way you can execute a search,” he said.

“These are things that we have to do on a day-to-day basis at both air- and seaports, so we would have conducted these screening processes and searches and still managed to maintain a 100 per cent infection-free officer corps… despite the outbreak,” Major Lloyd added.

A member of the Ports Security Corps Ltd. checks a person at one of the nation’s ports.


He explained that this is done through the exercise of proper protocols and following the guidelines given by the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

Major Lloyd pointed out that over the past five months, the agency has redoubled its efforts at safeguarding its staff as front-line personnel, albeit with a different mandate from health workers.

“With the pandemic, our function also includes safeguarding ourselves from contracting the virus. We would have taken the necessary guidance from the Ministry of Health and Wellness and we would have gone ahead and established our own set of protocols and internal procedures that we utilise to prevent our officers becoming infected with this virus,” he said.

“We would have also ensured that we provided officers with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE),” he added.

Meanwhile, Major Lloyd pointed out that through the vigilance of the PSC, a significant amount of contraband has been detected, as reported by Minister of Transport and Mining, Hon. Robert Montague, in his recent contribution to the 2020/21 Sectoral Debate.

These, he said, included weapons, ammunition and illegal substances that persons tried to pass through the nation’s ports.


Source: JIS News

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Feeding Programme – Le Antonio’s Foundation

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