Members Of Gayle Cricket Team Give Back

Jamaica News: Members of the Gayle Cricket Team, winners of the 2019 Social Development Commission (SDC)/Wray & Nephew National Community T/20 Cricket Competition, have given back some of their prize money to the parish.

“Over the years, we have won the St. Mary parish phase of the competition several times, and each year, 15 per cent of those prize monies went to a project focused on the improvement of a school within the community,” Captain of the Gayle Cricket Team, Sheldon Pryce, told JIS News.

“We have long wanted to complete this project and now we have the opportunity, thanks to a percentage of the prize money we received from the SDC/Wray & Nephew National Community T/20 Cricket finals,” he added.

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The team emerged winners on Sunday, August 25, when they defeated the Orange Hill Cricket Club from Westmoreland. The final of the competition was held at the Noranda Bauxite Company Port Rhoades Sports Complex in Discovery Bay, St. Ann. The first prize was worth $1.2 million.

“Cricket to the SDC means more than just participating in the sport. As a community development agency, it is mandatory that all teams wishing to participate be affiliated with a civil society organisation in the community. As part of assisting with the development of their community, it is mandatory that each team earning from prize money at any stage of the competition implement a project to benefit the community with a minimum of 15 per cent of such earnings,” explained SDC Senior Programmes Coordinator, Terrence Richards.

The Gayle Cricket Club/Team chose to renovate the Physical Education and Sports Department at the Tacky High School in Gayle, St. Mary.

“Presently, there are five students of the Tacky High School who are members of the Gayle Cricket Club. Also, there are other players who are past students and members of staff at the institution, so we are aware of the need for repair and upgrade of the Physical Education Department building,” Mr. Pryce said.

“This building has played a major role in the positive upliftment of many members of the Gayle community and continues to be a central meeting space for community members to meet and plan for sporting and other community activities,” he noted.

On Sunday, September 29, members of the Gayle Cricket Club and volunteers will gather at Tacky High School to carry out renovation works, including the installation of new windows, bulbs and doors, as well as the painting of the walls of the Physical Education Department.


Source: JIS News

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