Meet KipRich: Rising Dancehall DJ Takes His Music To The Next Level

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Even though he’s been toiling away in the dancehall community for a number of years, Marlon Jaro Plunkett — better known as KipRich — seems to be ready to finally take his career to the next level.

He got his start under the name Crazy Kid, and he’s come a long way since then, to be sure.

But you can only expect good things from someone whose mentor is none other than the legendary Elephant Man, and who’s part of The Alliance of Gangsta DJs.

What’s he got coming up next? Let’s take a look.

A New Song
Last week, KipRich dropped a track featuring Tanto Black. The track, which was dropped on Instagram, received a lot of positive feedback from all of the fans. It seemed to be a good idea, as well, especially since people are engaging in a lot of social distancing thanks to the coronavirus.

Tanto Black, himself, said that his recent “birthday bash” featuring all of the biggest stars in the Jamaican music scene was canceled due to what he called “the crosses virus.” Perhaps, then, the only way we can all enjoy some new music is when a few artists get together in a controlled environment — like KipRich and Tanto Black did — and release some great music for the people.

It’s the only thing that can keep some of us sane during these crazy times, to be sure.

Baby Mama Drama
One of KipRich’s most famous songs is a track called “Baby Mama Drama.” And even though he released the song all the way back in 2009, he faced his share of baby mama drama not long ago.

KipRich and fellow dancehall artiste Miss Chin have a now-12-year-old daughter together, but they are no longer involved in a relationship. They had a “war of the words” which led them to being estranged, but KipRich said that they have since “resolved their differences.”

He also said that the situation has taught him the meaning of being a responsible parent, and he encourages his fans to do the same.

“A lot of fathers run because of the pressure to fulfill the financial needs, but even if a man is unable to manage, he must be able to stand up strong in their lives,” he said. “In times like these, it is very important for men to play a role in children’s lives, and it becomes unfair for a child (to be caught in the middle) because every child deserves to have a father figure in their lives who demonstrates how to be a proper role model.”

More To Come from KipRich
KipRich has had a very successful 22-year career. But, he also said that now is the time to take it to the next level.

“I have had a couple of high points in my career, and yes a couple of things have happened. But I am still looking to accomplish more. I am still working towards reaching that high point,” he said. “I have made my mark for di culture, I have won a couple of awards and I am still putting in di work.”


Source: Dancehallmag

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