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Mckoy’s News went online on January 16, 2016. We are a Jamaican News Website with authentic news on all that is happening in Jamaica.

We are passionate about Jamaicans at home and abroad and everyone interested in our island. We aim to bring world news to Jamaica and Jamaican news to the world.


First of all, thank you. All of you who stuck with us when we just started and our website( server kept crashing, because too many people were logging on at once and we were not prepared for such explosion of readers that eat up our server memory in literally seconds! Unusually new website take forever to get traffic. Thank you for staying when the website looked weird, because something threw it off and we did not have the funds to immediately fix it. We love you!

Mckoy’s News quickly catapulted and became a favourite news website for crime stories, so much that when you hear of a news we don’t have yet, you contact us to ask “WHERE IS SO AND SO NEWS!” Well, it is time for us to grow bigger and better!


We have plans to bring you the online news in formats and platforms that is not yet created in the Caribbean. We promise that you will love it and be proud that you contributed to what Mckoy’s News became!

We are seeking your financial support TODAY to change the world of the news from Jamaica. Mckoy’s News, will be more thank just a news website, and will get you the news from the corners of every parish in Jamaica, just for you!

Thanks to all who have written us with suggestion, we are listening and is ready to give you exactly what you want from us.

Mckoy’s News began on barley any funds, we are proud to see how far we came in under 3 months.

We have a small staff of reporters, editors, website managers, and support persons. This severely limit the amount of news that we can publish daily and the quality that we can get you. We are asking for your financial support NOW to fix that problem.


Running a news website is expensive and that is why so many websites bombard you with thousands of ads. Well, one thing for sure is that we are in this for you, we get so excited when we check and see you actually reading the news, from all over the word (Yep, we have a software that shows us what news are being read, in real time -awesome!).

We will use your funds to buy equipment and create a top of the line news studio to bring you the news in an exciting way. How would you like to see all kinds of news when you get to Mckoy’s News ? We will surprise you! Big time!

With your financial support we can market the Mckoy’s News (which we can’t afford to do as now), get exposure and and not bombard you with a million ads.


We are grateful!

Thanks again from us,
Mckoy’s News

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