Mckoy’s News Christmas Wishes for You

Jamaican News December 26

Mckoy’s News Christmas Wishes! It feels really great to be able to wish you a very Merry Christmas because we weren’t around last year…lol

And if you don’t celebrate Christmas – Happy Holidays to you!

Mckoy’s News started posting news in January 2017, and we had no idea what we were doing, we just knew that you immediately loved what we were trying to do. You gave us the energy to keep bringing you the news!

We have had many drama and setbacks, but we have learned and have no regrets.

Mckoy's News Christmas Wishes

We are still in the baby phase but we believe that as long as we have your support we can continue to serve you.

Thank you for supporting Mckoy’s News.

Please enjoy your holiday, and remember the true meaning of the season. Connect with yourselves and your loved ones, be kind to a child or an elderly person that needs your support. And most of all be safe.

We look forward to celebrating our 1st year anniversary with you!!!!!

We anticipate you will be here to help us grow to serve you best.


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