Mckoy’s Exclusive- A pandemic review – COVID-19

Mckoy’s News is now reviewing the COVID-19 pandemic that is plaguing the world.
The virus that has now infected approximately 823,479 persons worldwide has also claimed over 40,000 persons’ lives, however, in the fight for new information we have located information that may be contrary to what we have initially received.
For example, Six feet may not be enough space for social distancing, according to a Live Science report. The best way to ensure safety is to stay indoors and away from other people as much as possible, according to the report.
The fight for information is the greatest battle the world is now facing when it comes on to the information needed to create a cure or vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. Currently, the most effective efforts are containment strategies that have only slowed the spread.
How long away is the cure?
Whilst a vaccine is needed now, it’s not likely that we’ll see one before 2021, with experts from around the world predicting a 12- to 18-month wait for the COVID-19 vaccine to be ready.
All vaccines work according to the same basic principle. They present part or all of the pathogens to the human immune system, usually in the form of an injection and at a low dose, to prompt the system to produce antibodies to the pathogen. Antibodies are a kind of immune memory which, having been elicited once, can be quickly mobilized again if the person is exposed to the virus in its natural form.
Does a vaccine mean safety?
As viruses mutate regularly, a vaccine you had for one strain won’t protect you from another. The flu, for example, mutates every winter. To cope with this, the World Health Organization identifies the strains likely to be an issue every flu season and new vaccines are developed accordingly.
In the case of coronavirus, when a vaccine is developed it will protect against the strain currently spreading but will likely be ineffective against other strains.
What does this mean?
You can catch the COVID-19 virus twice. A tour bus operator who is in her 40s in Osaka has tested positive for the coronavirus strain for the second time. The woman was first diagnosed with coronavirus in late January and was discharged from hospital on February 1. However, she has been reinfected leading to fears many of those who have recovered could be struck down once again.
Jamaica has been battling with the virus, however, many people seem unworried about being infected, especially via social media. This does not mean they should not take the care and guidelines seriously—all the best efforts should be taken in sanitizing your surroundings and yourself—to ensure no virus is transmitted and causes an infection.
Jamaica is now reporting 36 cases—two persons have been cured and one person has since died. We are receiving reports that four Jamaicans who have been living in the United Kingdom have allegedly died from the virus.
We have not yet confirmed the names of these four Jamaicans.
by: Chenson Bennett

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