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McKoy News has a huge voice on the internet by reporting the truth through photos and full accounts of what seems like utter pictorial graphic of car accidents.  We may not be literately advance as other news entities, but we do have a voice worth listening to.

As McKoy News grows with more readership we are reaching out to you to share your voice with us and to create a community of reliability of information.  Should you see someone doing good in your community let us know.  We will build on the information and share with the world.  All of us do have a voice in our community through our churches, workplaces or schools.  Or, even though our civic organizations we can be heard without holding a position in leadership. We can join the movement for or against and be heard.

Life is of such that when we begin to complain about the system, as to how decisions are made and how things are done it’s an absolute indication to come to grip with our own responsibility to make a positive contribution for change.

One of her first gifts was a pot and spoon to a young man in St. James when he was released from prison and that soup pot now sits in a local restaurant that he rents.  The goal here was to encourage him to make a living to feed his family.  And, to date he has excelled beyond her dreams.

I validate most of my opinions from references of stories in the Bible.  Take for instance the story of Nehemiah. The one thing I know about Nehemiah is that he is supposed to be the shortest man in the Bible – because of his name, “knee-high-miah.” He is not as well-known as some other great men in the Bible, but he stands out taller than others because of his vision for his community.

The book of Nehemiah is the account of the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. And to us, Jerusalem is a symbol of the city of God, God’s dwelling place and the center of life for the world.

Here Nehemiah reminisced by penning these words, “When I heard these words (that the walls were damaged) I sat down and wept and mourned for days; and I continued fasting and praying before the God of heaven. (Nehemiah 1:4 RSV) He saw a problem and it troubled his spirit to the point where he wept and mourned for days.  He was passionate about his city.  McKoy News is this passionate about Jamaica and is looking for those who are making contributions to make Jamaica a “no problem mon” place to live.

Rosemarie Roth is an Outreach Pastor for Emanuel’s Hope Restored Church of God in Jamaica and Alpha Point in Florida

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