Mayor of Miramar Invites Jamaican Businesses

Jamaica News: Mayor of Miramar in Florida, USA, Wayne Messam, says the city wants to attract Jamaican companies, as it is the fifth largest Jamaican diasporic location.

He was addressing a session of the Eighth Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference at the Jamaica Conference Centre, in downtown Kingston, on June 19.

“We have a foreign trade zone and as long as you are creating a job, for example exporting guava jams and packaging that in Miramar, you can do so tariff-free,” Mayor Messam shared.

He noted that the city has been working with franchisees and educating them on how to get business licences and identify markets suitable for their products.

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“As a municipality in the US, it is my responsibility to ensure that the information is available and put the specific partnerships together, for example, you may need a US business partner, in terms of capital,” the Mayor pointed out.

He noted that there are many things that can be done to facilitate private entities that would like to expand into the US market.

“Because we have spent a significant amount on detailing the establishment of our infrastructure, we want to leverage this now. We are open for business. The city of Miramar is open to facilitate opportunities, because I believe as ‘diasporans’ it is our responsibility to be intentional in the way how we can expand our culture and reach,” the Mayor said.

Interested franchisees may communicate their interest to the Mayor’s Office in the City of Miramar at: or 954-602-HELP (4357).


Source: JIS News



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