Listen To Mavado’s New Popcaan Diss Track ‘Artillery’

Mavado Claps Back At Drake’s Diss Track On Instagram

No one disses the Gully Gad and walks away unscathed. There are more than enough reasons to believe, Canadian rapper Drake knew what he was getting himself into when he released his Only You Freestyle track the other day with what have become apparent disses towards one of Dancehall’s ‘MVPs,’ Mavado.

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Drake is quite informed about Dancehall culture and the traditional art of clashing among deejays, an evident tutorial that comes through his love for the genre and simply his association with many Jamaican artistes. Drizzy is known to have run dubplates with dancehall clash masters Beenie Man and Bounty Killer; the Unruly Popcaan is signed to his OVO label and even being buddy-buddy with the Gully Gad, Mavado in the past should bring enough understanding.

We’ve never seen a track quite like this from Drake before, however, with the customary subliminal referencing true to many rap and Dancehall songs alike, it’s hard to tell. While there are his Dancehall infused tracks like One DanceControlla featuring Popcaan, Work and Rude Boy with Rihanna and of course his 2010 single Find Your Love with an epic cameo of Mavado …let’s not forget his dabbles in rapping patois, Drake has never made any noticeable disses towards a Jamaica deejay in the past.

It seems he feels ready to take on the next phase of his dancehall obsession, especially that his falling out with Mavado took place a couple of years back.

In the single Only You Freestyle that dropped three days ago, Drizzy speaks out to a scenario that only subjects Mavado. In lyrics like, “Niggaz want piece a cassava, but we lef bridge dem burned like grabba,” he plays on Mavado’s hometown Cassava Peace and refers to the bridge that was burned in their now lost friendship.

He continues to throw out a diss, saying, “Boy 4 in the clips and one in the headie / Hand no shake man I hold that steady” after giving his OVO signee, Popcaan and Vybz Kartel’s GAZA Empire a nod in another section of the track. “Link Popskull in Gaza but not that Gaza but still it’s amaze,” he sang.

Drake’s heavy verses left many Gully fans curious as they await the tides. It seems Mavado has finally got wind of Drake’s diss track, today the deejay posted a grimly-faced pic of himself, something he does not do often, and he looks a couple of pounds buffer with the caption, “From you a look clout A copper to you mouth .”

The easy slaying of words calls out, who could only be Drake, on what looks like an evident exploit to garner some attention on the Dancehall scene via the Gully, but he will simply falter under a copper shot to his mouth.

Let’s see if Drake has what it takes to dance the dance in Dancehall clashing.

Listen to Drake’s Only You Freestyle here –


Source: Dancehallmag

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