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Massive Firearm and Ammunition Seizure, in Trelawny


A Trelawny man who allegedly pointed an illegal firearm at the police, was shot and killed, during an operation at a house in Florence Hall, Trelawny, on Thursday, February 3, where several other illegal firearms and ammunition were found.

The accused man has been identified as 37-year-old Kevin Carpenter, of Falmouth in Trelawny.

Reports are that about 11:00am, the police conducted an operation at house occupied by Carpenter and a female in Florence Hall, Trelawny.

It is further reported that on entering the hose, Carpenter pointed a firearm at the police team and was fatally shot.

A Further search of the house led to the seizure of thirteen illegal firearms, and more than 150 assorted rounds of ammunition.

The weapons consist of 10 high powered rifles, 2 sub machine guns, a pistol and various magazines.

The female has since been taken into custody.

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