Masicka Shares Lessons From His ‘Grandfather’ In New Video: Watch

Dancehall artiste Masicka has certainly got into character for the showing of his newest music video Grandfather. The visuals premiered today May 18th on the artiste’s YouTube page where audiences can find him playing the theatrical role of his grandfather.

The RD Studios production finds a fully gray haired Masicka in old-man attire and posturing in a wheel chair (as his gramps) while talking to his younger self. Who we would like to assume is Grandpa Fearon (Masicka’s real name is Javaun Fearon), is a quintessential gangster that sees his progeny faced with a typical yet threatening ghetto situation.

“Hear mi a say nuh mi grandson, mi wah show yuh di badness work in a my time, yuh do tings different yuh zeet, watch dah style yah, a going show yuh how wi deal wid people,” the Genahsyde leader reenacts in the intro.

As a retired ruffian, the old man shares a few pointers and confides stealthy decoding schemes to his grandson in efforts of teaching him how to undercut the enemy.

The scenes of the music video switch between grandpa and his very green offspring during their exchange, then to display his badness, the old time gunslinger says, “Mi grandson wi nuh buy shot fi waste it, strap with a ole 14 back to basic, trigger happy, any p—sy mi spot mi race it …guns out, yuh see dem house? Mi a go shake it, family a run up and down dem haffi stay fit…”

In some words of advice, he continues, “Getting ole now mi yute, mi soon gone, load up di clip and keep yuh shoes on. Before yuh buss ahead just say two Psalm, mi know Jah will forgive fi a few con.”

In the end, gramps hands his piece to a fully grown Masicka and says, ‘Hold dis, mi nu put strap in a fool palm, gwan run it off fi mi, mi grandson.” Watch the full video below –

Its clear his grandfather played a pivotal role in his upbringing, this is the second single from Masicka in honor of his gangster graybeard. In December 2012, he released the track Grandfather Say, where he imitates the old man scolding him for smoking weed and wanting to become a deejay.

1Syde Records seem to be working on overtime these days, two weeks ago the Ice Cream Truck deejay dropped two singles Chance on May 3rd and Better Days on May 1st on the popular World Rock Riddim, which have featured the likes of Jahmiel with his single The World and Busy Signal’s Do Mi Owna Ting among a few other artistes.

Grandfather, like his other recent singles Chance and Better Days, has a profound and expressive narrative. The single gives audiences a basis for the Genahsyde boss’s bad boy demeanor, and accounts his undeniable thug ways to a dynasty spanning back decades ago.

Check out Masicka’s lastest single, Grandfather here –


Source: Dancehallmag

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