Marlon Beckford: Man Shot and Killed in Savanna-la-mar 

Jamaica Crime News, Westmoreland: Detectives attached to the Savanna-la-mar CIB Department are now carrying out investigation surrounding the death of a man, who was shot and killed by two armed men in Savanna-la-mar on Sunday, June 24, 2018.

Dead is, Marlon Beckford, otherwise called “Puggie”,  who is said to be in his mid-twenties of 72 Dalling Street also in Savanna-la-mar.

Westmoreland: Another Savannalamar Murder

Reports by the police are that shortly after 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, Beckford was sitting on a bench in a yard watching football on television. Minutes later, he was ambushed by two men armed with handguns.

One of the men opened fire hitting Beckford to the regions of his head and he fell to the ground.  The gunmen then made their escape on foot in the area, followed by which, the police were summoned and upon arrival, Beckford was discovered suffering from gunshot wounds.

The scene was processed and the victim transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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