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From Raw to Respected, a Fascinating Interview with Marion Hall

Jamaica News – Fascinating Interview with Marion Hall

Her impact on dancehall and social views in Jamaica have been well documented over her 34 years career from her first hit in August 1994 “Stab Up De Meat” to operating one of the few female-owned gospel record labels; Marion Hall Ministry.

Mckoy’s News caught up the icon recently to answer the question “WHO IS Minister Marion Hall?


Question 1. Who is Marion Hall?

Minister Marion Hall is a Blood wash sanctified woman of God, I was called by God himself, the Holy Spirit spoke to me on the 14th of December 2015, and told me to go and get baptize and he has been equipping me from ever since so who is Minister Marion Hall a servant who was called to Minister to lost souls“.


Question 2.  What was your experience when you were summoned to get baptized? How did you know it was the Holy Spirit? How did you feel?

I knew it was the Holy Spirit because I had a few encounters with him before; when I was about 19, and again at 20, I had an encounter with the Lord while I was singing a gospel song.  I went in a different dimension, I can’t explain it. I also had another encounter while I was in Florida at a church in West Palm Beach, then another encounter while I was in a Hotel room in New York on my knees praying a year and a half or two ago when I got baptized. I was in my shower about to take bath and I was talking to the Lord when I hear he answer me the Holy Spirit came upon me then , my bath was overflowing with water when I was out of it not fully but out of it I realized that the bath was overflowing the bath was just being filled up, then I did tell people how I was going to get baptized, but when I did so Satan sent out some of his agents to intercede and to hinder me from getting baptized and I did felt the Lord right then and there. After a year or two, I went to a funeral and the Lord started speaking to me from there then he followed me home the Holy Spirit followed me home, he started changing my Whatsapp profile – it was my finger, but his taught, his doing, change my Whatsapp profile. God is working it out for me and that was when he came upon me… He was in my house … It’s something to explain… I would have to sit with you.  He was working through my Whatsapp delivering messages to people I was just clicking on it sending voice notes this Pastor, Pastor Bailey, was on it but I remember him telling me when I ask why are you here Pastor Bailey? The lord is in my house and all of a sudden you are here, it was a voice note I was sending and when I ask the lord why is he here? The Lord said I am connecting people and after I got baptized and everything that same Pastor was the Pastor who got me on the second mission the Lord send me on – he was the one who got me into that Women Prison. You know when it’s the Holy Spirit talking … the Devil don’t tell you to go and get Baptized would he? … hahaha … .. the devil would tell you to go out and do something wrong … right? To go and do some sinful things … but the Lord said in a subtle, calm, peaceful voice “Go and get baptized” … I was saying in my Spirit God it’s Monday and if I get baptize … then I heard him say Go Now… The lord arranges everything and tells me to call my sister, but I am just saying you know when it’s the Holy Spirit, God organized all that … God knows what he was doing“.


Question 3.  How have fans responded to the change? How have my fans responded?

My fans people, in general, they respond two ways; what I have seen now when I step out on the streets is a type of respect that I have never seen.  I use to get Muma, Lady Saw, Queen, now you have men will be drinking their liquor and when they see me they hide it or throw it away or throw away their cigarettes… and saying Minister Hall and literally bowing just really showing respect and saying since you got baptized you really follow suit people would stop me in the Streets and cry people would talk to me about wanting to give their lives to God and a lot of people would say we miss you in Dancehall but I try not to engage in conversations pertaining to me being missed saying you were the baddest thing because I heard that all through my time in dancehall. I was never an egotistical person who you could just gas up mi head and tell mi… oh you this you that because I know how good I was or how bad I was … and I was Bad and when I got saved… I’m so happy that God saved me that time because I believe me, I was just going to go to the pit of hell it was just in time, I was just about to lose my sanity, lose my pride, because the devil was at work trying to use his agents to pull me in because I had written somethings and if I had really gone out there to clash, I believe that not even God was gonna even bother with me because they were so dark. So I am just so thankful to God for saving me but he pulled me away … I am telling you God is an on time God“.

For more information on Marion Hall check out @ministermarionhall


Contributed by Nicole Reid

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