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Case Involving Mario Deane’s Death Transferred Back to Circuit Court


Montego Bay, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)Mario Deane’s Death, Three Men Accused:  The case involving the three men charged with the 2014 brutal beating of 31-year-old construction worker Mario Deane while in police custody, which led to his death, has been transferred back to the St James Circuit Court.

The three men, who are accused of Mario Deane’s death, are Damion Cargill, Adrian Morgan and Marvin Orr.

Cargill who is deaf, mute and schizophrenic was found unfit to plea by a seven-member jury on Monday, March 20 in the St James Circuit Court.

The case was called up in the Home Circuit Court in Kingston on Friday, June 31. It was at that time that Justice Viviene Harris transferred the case back to St. James as she is expected back in St. James for another court.

Mario Deane’s Death, Three Men Accused

Justice Harris is expected to deal with Cargill’s case on July 14 when she will make a decision as to whether he will be sent to a State facility or allowed supervised care with his family.

The other two men will have their case mentioned in the St. James Circuit Court in September at the beginning of the high Court.

The case was temporarily transferred to the Home Circuit Court in April as Justice Harris, who has been dealing with the case since January in the St James Circuit Court, had moved to the Home Circuit Court.

Cargill, Orr, and Morgan are charged in relation to Deane’s death following a beating Deane sustained at the Barnett Street lock-up on August 3, 2014.

Deane was brutally beaten in the attack that the court heard might have lasted as long as 30 minutes before the police on duty were alerted and intervened.

Deane, who was arrested for possession of a small amount of ganja and was awaiting bail, suffered injuries all over his body and was transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he died three days later on August 6, Independence Day.




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