Manipulated Or Recovering From Manipulation?

World (McKoy’s News)- Manipulated Or Recovering From Manipulation?: Why be controlled by others when one has a free mind. The human specie tends to gravitate towards what people tell them to do and also care about what people think of them. Free will was given to all humans giving us the ability to think for ourselves.  

Manipulation is the control or influence of a person, to me this is like having someone for a puppet. So why would one want to be on strings?

People can be psychologically manipulated.  This will cause one’s behavior to change, it’s like a trance of some sort, it can change how a person feels about abusive or deceptive ideas, ‘this makes you unaware of what is occurring, you will just do as you are told.’

To me it’s a form of social influence, doctors do it to alter a person’s psychiatric or pyschological problems but some people do it for their own selfish desires.  


This can affect people in numerous ways (hurting themselves, being lonely, cutting the world off and not trusting anyone again) leaving them mentally ill, depressed, ashamed and even worst.  

Some factors that drives an individual to manipulate others are:

  • the need to advance their own purpose and personal gain at virtually any cost to others.                                                                             
  • a strong need to attain feelings of power and superiority in relationships with others.                                                                          
  • a desire to gain a feeling of power over others in order to raise their perception of self-esteem.                                                                
  • boredom, or growing tired of his/her surroundings, seeing it as a game more than hurting others.                                                  
  • covert agenda, criminal or otherwise, including financial manipulation (often seen when the elderly or unsuspecting, unprotected wealthy are intentionally targeted for the sole purpose of obtaining a victim’s financial assets.)

It is known that manipulation can affect one’s perception of the world but that doesn’t mean one has to give up on life, a person can recover from this, it might take a while, but it is ultimately possible. One can seek the help of a mental institution, assistance from a trusted peer or even the support of a group.

Concealing how one feels doesn’t help the situation at hand, talking about it can help take some of the burden of one’s mind, talking to a psychologist might seem a bit uncomfortable, but it’s one of the best course of action to get over previous manipulations in a person’s life.

So is it going to be manipulated, or recovering from manipulation? Ask yourself this question before you decide that you’ve lost the battle when you are still alive and can move pass it.

Written by Levan Evans

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