Mandeville Taxi Operator Succumb

Mandeville Taxi Operator Succumb to Injuries at Hospital

Mandeville, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Mandeville Taxi Operator Succumb to Injuries: A Mandeville taxi operator known so far only as ” Birdman ” succumbed to injuries he received in a traffic accident in the Mandeville area on Sunday.

Reports are that, on Sunday morning the taxi operator who plies the New Green route to Mandeville was transporting passengers from New Greens.

On reaching a section of the roadway, it is reported that a trailer truck attempted to overtake the taxi operator and forced his vehicle off the roadway.

The vehicle flew off the roadway and crashed into an embankment then overturned in a ditch.

The taxi operator received severe head and body injuries and was rushed to the Mandeville Hospital where he was admitted in critical condition.

The taxi operator spent three days in intensive care and succumbed to his injuries Wednesday afternoon.

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