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Mandeville Man Who Killed Girlfriend in Jealous Rage Sentenced to 18 Years

Andre Bromfield, a former delivery supervisor who shot and killed Shantell White, 24, in the MasterMac supermarket in Mandeville on December 31, 2019, was today sentenced to 18 years and five months in prison.

Lorna Shelly, the presiding judge, handed down the sentence.

On May 16, Bromfield entered a plea deal and pled guilty to manslaughter.

He was initially charged with illegal firearm possession and murder. He pleaded not guilty to both counts.

After indicating in his caution statement that he was provoked by Whyte, the murder charge was later reduced to manslaughter.

White, who worked as an inventory clerk at the supermarket, was reportedly in the lunchroom with coworkers when Bromfield shot her in the face with his licensed firearm.

Bromfield was represented by attorney Norman Godfrey.



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