Manchester Man on Bail for Murder, Caught With Illegal Gun

Latest Jamaica News, Manchester (McKoy’s News): Manchester Man on Bail for Murder A Manchester man who was on bail for a murder charge, and who was placed on curfew as part of his bail condition, was caught in possession of an illegal firearm after he breached his curfew orders.

The accused has been identified as 32-year-old Sean Robinson, also of a Manchester address.

Reports by the Mandeville police are that earlier this week, Robinson was seen after hours at a location in the parish, and he was accosted by the police.

The lawmen discovered that he was not supposed to be out after hours, because a curfew order was placed on him, so they carried out a search of his person.

During the search, Robinson was found to be carrying a Beretta 9mm pistol, fitted with a magazine containing six 9mm rounds.

He was arrested and charged with illegal possession of firearm and ammunition on Wednesday.

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