Manchester Human Extortion Ring Busted, Six (6) Arrested!

Jamaica News, March 3, 2018 – Manchester Human Extortion Ring Busted

Manchester, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – The police in the parish of Manchester has busted an extortion ring and arrested and charged six (6) persons who allegedly kidnaped a man n Manchester last month.

Police Superintendent Wayne Cameron in charge of the Manchester police announced at the Manchester Chamber of Commerce’s Crime Forum on Thursday evening, March 1, that 6 of 10 person’s were arrested in the planning and execution of a kidnapping in the parish last month.

More arrests are reportedly expected as the investigations into the operation continue.

According to Superintendent Cameron  the arrested were charged with kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnap.

The victim of the kidnapping is an adult male who was held for ransom by the organized group.

The man fell prey to the scheme after he met another man on social media, who lured him to a community in the parish of Manchester.

According to top cop Cameron, when the man got to Manchester, he met a female who took him to particular house, where they were nine men waiting; including his “friend” from online, who invited him to Manchester.

Cameron said the victim was then held for ransom, and money was paid over to the gang.

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