Man who Used Children as Human Shield During Shootout with Police, Arrested and Charged

Latest Jamaica News, St James (McKoy’s News): A St James man who fired several shots at members of a police party, earlier this year, while using a group of children as human shield to elude being captured, was arrested and charged last Thursday, during an operation carried out in Granville, St James.

Facing charges of shooting with intent his 20-year-old Nester Gallimore, otherwise ‘Zadda’  scrap metal worker of Retirement in Granville.

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Reports by the Granville police are that on February 8, a team of police were on patrol at a section of Granville when they say Gallimore acting in a suspicious manner.

He was approached by the police, and he immediately pulled a firearm and fired several shots in their directions, while using a group of children as human shield to stop the police from returning the fire.

On Thursday, September 5, the police accosted the accused man who was taken into custody and slapped with charged.

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