Man who Attempt to Burn Daughter and Son Alive, Perish in Fire

A retired farmer from the parish of St James who allegedly set his own house on fire, in an attempt to burn his own daughter and son to death, died from injuries he sustained in the same fire, which destroyed their family home at Plum Road, Cambridge also in St James.
The deceased has been identified as 75-year-old Ewan Thorpe, also of Plum Lane.
The police reported that Thorpe resides with his two adult children, his 53-year-old son Winston Thorpe, a Wood Carver and his 50-year-old daughter Judette Thorpe, a seamstress, at their board dwelling house at Plum Road.
About 3:00 a.m., on Thursday, Winston was awoken from his sleep by the heat and saw fire coming from underneath his door.
He immediately ran to his sister’s room and called out to her that the house was on fire, but she told him that the door to her room was bolted from the outside, and she was unable to come out.
The younger Thorpe ran to the outside of the house and then smashed the window to his sister’s room, and told her to jump to the outside. Both children realizing that their father did not come from the house, called out to him, but he did not respond, and by this time the entire house was consumed by fire.
The Cambridge Police and the Fire Department were informed of the fire, but on arrival, they could only managed to carry out cooling down operations, as the house was already destroyed by the fire.
A search of the burnt rubble led to the discovery of Thorpe’s charred remains, which was found on a bed.
Several community members stated that prior to the fire the elderly man was seen walking around with a plastic bottle containing substance resembling gasoline, and informed them that he was going to kill his daughter, and then take his own life.

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