Timothy Benjamin Throat Slashed in Chapelton

Man Stabbed to Death by Sister-in-law in Clarendon 

Jamaica Crime News, Clarendon: A Clarendon woman who reportedly stabbed her brother-in-law to death inside her business place on Saturday, July 21,  was taken in police custody and is presently being questioned.

The investigators say they are unable to release the name of the accused female at this time, but they have given the name of the deceased as Marco Dane Thompson,  35 years old of May Pen in Clarendon.

Reports by the May Pen police are that about 7:00 p.m., on Saturday, Thompson reportedly went to a bar in the area which is operated by his sister-in-law.

Sister Stabbed Sister Dead ; Pastor Turns Sister over to Police

It is further reported that Thompson ordered a drink,  but the female was busy so she could not attend to him immediately.  Thompson reportedly got boisterous and accused the female of disrespecting him.  He then allegedly slapped her in the regions of her head and to her side.

A physical confrontation developed between Thompson and the female, during what time, the woman reached for an ice-pick which she used to inflict a stab wound to his side.

Thompson ran from the bar, jumped into his vehicle and sped away with the intention of reaching the hospital,  but he collapsed along the roadway and the vehicle crashed.

He was assisted to hospital where he died whilst undergoing treatment.  Following an investigation, the female was taken into custody.

One investigator told our news team that, despite the fact the female committed a crime,  the police are also taking it into consideration that she acted in self-defense.

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