St James: Man Stabbed Dead at Bogue Supermarket in Broad Daylight

Tcika Mcbean Man Killed at Bogue Supermarket January 2017

Bogue, Montego Bay, St. James (McKoy’s News) –  Man Stabbed Dead at Bogue Supermarket: the buzzing ‘Bogue Supermarket,’ at the entrance to the Bogue Village community, off the Howard Cooke Boulevard in Montego Bay became a crime scene on Tuesday morning when a man was stabbed and killed.

Bogue Supermarket

Bogue Supermarket Stabbing – the two-story building with the yellow car in front of it.

The victim is identified as O’Ryan McBean, known as Ticka, of a Bogue address, Montego Bay, in the parish of St James address.

Mckoy’s News have learnt that at around 11: a.m., on Tuesday morning,  McBean was standing outside the Bogue supermarket when he was attacked and stabbed in the back and abdomen by another man.

He died at the scene.

Residents of the small housing scheme community chased the alleged attacker down, who attempted to get away, and captured him.

He was held by the residents and handed over to the police.

The Freeport police are investigating the murder.