Man Shot Drops Dead on Barnett Street, Mobay. Madman Crosses the Line

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Montego Bay, St. James (McN) – The Montego Bay Police are now probing the shooting death of a St. James man, and the gunshot injury of a woman in the city today.


Reports in to Mckoy’s News are that, a man was shot and killed by gunmen along a section of Fustic road in Montego Bay on Tuesday March 21, while a women also received gunshot wounds to the foot and was rushed to the hospital in stabled condition.


According to eye-witness the dead man who is identified as Richard Samuels of a Bogue address in the parish, was on his way to work on Tuesday, where he worked as a cashier at the Cambio King outlet on Barnett Street, when he was attacked.


Samuels  is said to have been pounced on by gunmen along a section of Fustic Road and shot multiple times, he then ran on to a section of Barnett Street where he collapsed.


He was pronounced dead at hospital.


The scene was visited by the Montego Bay police who cordoned off a section of Fustic and Barnett Street. This caused a huge pile up of traffic, where traffic coming along Top Barnett Street were diverted to a section of Barnett Lane.


Madman Onlooker Pepper Sprayed by Cops on Barnett Street

Barnett Street

Madman Dashes Across Crime Scene (Photo: Alan Lewin)

Meanwhile the area was blocked off from both pedestrians and traffic. A man of said to be of unsound mind tried desperately to cross the Yellow crime scene tape, and was restrained by the police; but he put up a strong resistance against the lawmen. It was not long after he was pepper sprayed that he gave up and took heed.


A large crowd gathered for the incident.

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