Man shot and killed in portland

Jamaica News: Portland recorded its first murder last Friday night, when, gunmen fatally shot a man and injured another during a robbery in Buff Bay.
The deceased has been identified as 45-year-old laborer, Jason Pendley, of Tower Isle, St Mary.
It is being reported by the police that about 11 pm, Pendley and another man were walking along a roadway in the Buff Bay community when they were pounced upon by two gunmen.
The victims were ordered to lay on the ground, and were then robbed at gunpoint of their valuables.
A gunman opened fire, afterwards, hitting Pendley in the back of the head, while the other man was shot in the arm.
The man who was hit in the arm is reported to have initially pretended to be dead, before managing to escape into nearby bushes.
He was chased by one of the gunmen, who again opened fire at him, however, he managed to escape.
Law enforcers were subsequently alerted, and the injured men were taken to a hospital, where Pendley was pronounced dead and the other man was admitted in a serious condition.
The police have launched a manhunt for the gunmen.
News Reporter: Marc Lodge

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