Man Shot and Killed in Montego Bay, Prostitutes Shot and Injured

The Barnett Street police have commenced an investigation into the shooting death of a man, and the shooting and wounding of two female sex workers, in downtown Montego Bay, on Wednesday night, October 7.

Investigators have given the Identity of the deceased so far only as ‘Chino’ of a Norwood address.

The identities of both female sex workers who have since been admitted to hospital in serious conditions, are being withheld.

Reports by the police are that, shortly after 9:00 pm, the deceased who is known to the police was walking along the roadway in the vicinity of Strand Street and Harbour Street, in downtown Montego Bay, when he was approached by a man with whom he has a long-standing dispute.

The man brandished a handgun and chased ‘Chino’ along the roadway, and opened fire hitting him multiple times. Both females who were standing in the vicinity, ended up receiving gunshots wounds.

The police were summoned and upon arrival, all three victims were rushed to hospital where ‘Chino’ was pronounced dead, and both females admitted.

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