Man Shot and Injured by other Man who Stole Licensed Firearm 

Jamaica Crime News, Kingston:  A man who shot and injured another man after stealing a licensed firearm in Rockfort on Wednesday afternoon, was later taken into custody and the weapon retrieved from him.  Also, the victim who was shot by the accused is presently in serious condition at hospital.

Reports by the Rockfort police are that shortly after 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, both men were among a group of men at a compound along Sea Breeze Avenue in Rockfort when an argument developed between them.

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The accused reportedly started to behave in a boisterous manner and was thrown from the compound by the other men.  The accused left the area and went home where he stole the key to the gun safe of an occupant of his household.

He then opened the safe and stole homeowner’s licensed firearm and went back to the location.  The accused then pointed the firearm in the direction of the man with whom he had the argument earlier and fired several shots at him, hitting him to his upper body.

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He then ran from the compound and fled the scene. The police were summoned and upon arrival, the wounded man was transported to hospital where he was admitted in serious condition.

Following an investigation, the accused was apprehended at a section of Vineyard Town and the weapon a  Glock pistol loaded with several live rounds taken from him.

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