Man Murdered in Front of Common-law Wife in Westmoreland

Jamaica Crime News, Westmoreland: A 32-year-old man was shot and killed by three armed gunmen, in the presence of his common-law wife in Coolie Town, Fort Williams, Westmoreland on Monday morning,  September 17.

He has been identified as Relando Reid,  farmer of Coolie Town.

Reports by  Whithorne police are that about 2:30 a.m. on Monday,  Reid and his common-law wife,  who recently arrived from Canada were at home when three men armed with high-powered weapons kicked open the front door to the house.

The men then demanded money from the couple and proceeded to rob them of cash and valuables.

Relano Reid’s House

While in the process of leaving,  the gunmen opened fire hitting Reid multiple times to his upper body,  before escaping in the victim’s 1997, Toyota Corolla motor car.

The police were summoned, and upon arrival,  the wounded man was transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The female was not harmed.

In the meanwhile,  Pastor Everald Gayle of the Fort Williams Holiness Church stated that this is a very sad situation and he spent the day praying for the family of the deceased.

Pastor Everald Gayle


  • That is why after 25 years away in the US I would not put my damn foot on that soil again . They will have to use a crowbar to get me put of here. They will keep killing returning jamaicans.

  • Please keep praying Jamaica needs to wake up. We are asking for the wrath of God to be on us. I grew up in Jamaica and I as a little girl could go to river with my brothers run around without a care in the world. Now look at my home, I’m so heart broken. People please wake up we need to be our brothers keeper. We are killing each other and should these so called bad men be sent to war they would be hiding like the coward they are. So sad. There is a God and I know he will serve justice. You will be rewarded for your deeds.

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