Man Murdered During Drive-by Shooting on Gunn’s Drive in Granville, St James

A man was fatally shot during a drive-by shooting on Gunn’s Drive in Granville yesterday (Saturday August 14).

He has been identified as Romaine Scott otherwise called “Lippo” of a Granville address.

Sources say that Scott’s death is linked to a gang feud that recently erupted in the community.

In an interview, Michael Troupe, councillor for the Granville Division, said that the incident was the division’s third homicide since Thursday. He also noted that Scott’s death is the 15th murder in Granville since late May, and that he is reiterating his plea for the division to establish a Zone of Special Operations. Additionally, the councillor is advocating for the establishment of a police station in Granville, due to the fact that, residents have complained about not knowing how to contact Meadows of Irwin police in the event of an emergency.

Investigations into this latest shooting are ongoing.


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