Man Killed by Mob After Splashing Water on Pedestrian

A man was mobbed, stabbed and stoned to death by residents on Ricketts Crescent in Kingston 13 on Thursday afternoon.

He has been identified as a 30-year-old Okeef Sewell of Chisholm Avenue address in Kinston, is accused of splashing dirty water on a pedestrian under the heavy showers.

According to police reports at about 5:50 p.m., Sewell was operating the forklift when he allegedly splashed the dirty water on a resident along Ricketts Crescent.

Man Killed by Mob After Splashing Water on Pedestrian

Sewell stopped after he was hit by an object thrown by a resident. During a dispute, Sewell was set upon by other residents, some stabbing him in his back. While he was mobbed, they threw building blocks on Sewell’s head. He was later pronounced dead at the Kingston Public Hospital upon arrival.

The St Andrew South police have listed a man known as ‘Andre’, or ‘Conman’ as a person of interest in the incident. They are encouraging him to turn himself over to the Hunts Bay police immediately for questioning. The police are investigating.

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