Man in Trouble with the Law for Uncustomed Cigarettes

Jamaica Crime News, St James: A St. James man who was arrested after he was found in possession of uncustomed cigarettes, is to return to court in June.

The defendant, Mark Barrett, appeared before presiding judge Sandria Wong-Small on Thursday to face a charge of possession of uncustomed goods.

The incident took place on June 12, 2018, after a shipment arrived in Jamaica at the Kingston Port and was later transported to St. James.

The police visited certain premises in Westgate Hills where Barrett was seen. During a search, 890 cases of uncustomed cigarettes valuing $267 million were found.

Barrett’s phone was inspected, and it revealed where he had made contact with the driver of a trailer that transported the goods to St. James.  The chassis was later found at an abandoned building in Lilliput. Barrett was arrested and charged.

On Thursday, the prosecution informed the court that the statements that they were awaiting were in possession of the investigating officer and that they were expected to be handed to the court very soon.

Judge Wong-Small subsequently set the matter for mention on June 20 before extending Barrett’s bail.

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