Man Held with 14 Stolen Goats and Three Stolen Cows in Manchester

Latest Jamaica News, Manchester (McKoy’s News): The Mandeville police say they are now gearing down to lay criminal charges against a man who was held in possession of 14 stolen goats and three stolen cows, on Wednesday afternoon, November 7.

Investigators say they will release the identity of the accused as soon as he has been charged.

Reports by the police are that on Wednesday afternoon, the accused who is said to be a known criminal, was caught in possession of the animals, and were unable to give an account for them.

Investigators later revealed that the animals were stolen from a number of farms around the community, and farmers have since been coming forward to the police to identify the animals.

The investigators also stated that it is believed that the accused is involved in other incidents where animals were stolen from other farms in the area.

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