Man gets 60 days in jail for sexually assaulting dog that had to be euthanized

An Oregon man was sentenced Wednesday to 60 days in jail for sexually assaulting a dog who had to be euthanized due to extensive injuries.

Fidel Lopez, 52, was given the maximum penalty allowed for his offense, Multnomah County Judge Angel Lopez said, according to KOIN-TV in Portland.

“If it could have been more, I would have gladly given you more,” the judge said.

Lopez admitted to investigators to sexually assaulting the dog, a Lhaso Apso mix named Estrella. Estrella’s owner took her to a veterinarian in November 2018 after suspecting she had been abused, the station reported. Lopez knew the owner and admitted to investigators to abusing the dog.

In addition to jail time, Lopez will remain on probation for three years, was fined $500, cannot possess a dog for 15 years and must undergo treatment for those convicted of animal abuse.

By Louis Casiano, Fox News

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