Man disses Commish, arrested

The following is the police’s account of events that involved Commissioner of Police personally doing policing in St Andrew Thursday night.

Commissioner of Police, Major General Antony Anderson
Commissioner of Police, Major General Antony Anderson

On Thursdays April 30, 2020, about 8:15 pm at the Intersection Constant Spring Road and Oliver Road, Kingston 8, a 2011 Silver Suzuki Swift Motor Car and driven by a 34-year-old man of a St. Andrew address was heading in northerly direction when it was stopped by Major General Antony Anderson, Commissioner of Police after disobeying the red light.

Whilst the driver of the Suzuki Swift motor car was being spoken to of the breach, he started behaving in a disorderly manner and not complying with instructions given by the Commissioner of Police.
DSP C. Millaneise who was driving his private motor car dressed in uniform behind the Suzuki swift had observed the breaches of committed and responded. The commissioner of police intercepted the Suzuki swift vicinity of where the Constant Spring market was located and identified himself to the driver of the Suzuki and pointed out the offense of running the red light.

The driver then became boisterous and started to become abusive. The Suzuki then drove off in a careless and dangerous manner.

The Commissioner of police attempted to intercept the Suzuki at the next traffic light vicinity the bridge and once again with blue flashing lights he identified himself again. There were shouts from the driver of the Suzuki “mi no care a who you be bwoy” The driver of the Suzuki then drove off again and as the Commissioner attempted to intercept the swift again with blue flashing lights the driver of the Suzuki attempted in a manner likely to collide in the service vehicle.

At this time DSP Millaneise who was following closely drove his private motor car from behind and with the help of the Commissioner intercepted the Suzukimotor car.

DSP  Millaneise then alighted from his private motor car and requested the documents of the Suzuki from the driver.  He responded “Mi Nah give you none and mi want you badge number because you nah go hear di end a dis bwoy”  He became loud and aggressive to the disturbance of the public hurling all sorts of abusive language to the Commissioner. The Commissioner was further identified to him by DSP Millaneise.

SAN OSU unit and Constant Spring 1 was summoned and assisted to bring the matter under control.

The driver of the Suzuki motor car was cautioned, arrested and taken into custody for the offenses of:-

Disobey Red Light

Breach of Curfew Order

Failing to produce documents for inspection

Dangerous Driving

Disorderly Conduct

Use of Abusive and Calumnious Language.

The Suzuki motor car was wrecked to the Constant Spring Police Station and placed in the pound.

He was placed in custody at the Lawrence Tavern lockups

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