Man Commits Suicide in front of His Young Children

A video has been circulating social media platforms from August 16th, 2022, of a man committing suicide.

The man hung himself in proximity of his children, who witnessed the entire thing. It appears that the man tied a rope around the door jam, and, in front of his children who can be heard in the background, jumped, and was held up hanging from the door jam by a rope.

The children, who sound like they are from somewhere in the Caribbean, can be heard in the background screaming for him to stop. They were screaming at him not to hang himself. Though they sound to be of Caribbean descent, the location in which the incident took place is still unknown.

It appears in the video that a boy, possibly his son, was trying to cut down the rope. It is unsure whether he was unaware of how to help, or he was so startled that he forgot to place a stable or chair under the man’s feet to stop him from dangling by the rope.

While choking, it sounded like he uttered the words, repeatedly, “I don’t wanna die.”

No developments have been made to clarify whether this was accidental, whether he has been suicidal, whether he has been suffering from depression, or whether he changed his mind midjump.

The children, who are very young, will forever be traumatized by this situation.


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