Man Coming from “DEAD YARD Set-Up” Crashes His Bike and Dies

St James, Jamaica (McN) – A man who was  coming from a Dead Yard Set-up held  in Plum District,  Mt Horeb, St James crashed into a disabled truck parked along the Mt Horeb main road in St James. He has only been identified by his alias as “Spoogy.”


Spoogie Dies After Leaving a Dead Yard Set-Up ad Crashing His Motorcycle.

It is alleged that Spoogy, as he was called, was riding his motorcycle when he crashed into the park truck.

He received multiple injuries and was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on Sunday morning at minutes past 3 am.


Spoogy celebrated his birthday Three hours before his death.


The Dead Yard was for the grandmother of Eldon Calvert who was in the spot light a few years ago, but was killed in the Salt Spring area.

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