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Trelawny Man Chopped off Wife’s Hand – Allegedly Ingested Gramoxone

Trelawny, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)Trelawny Man Chopped off Wife’s Hand: a Trelawny man who got involved in an argument with his girlfriend on May 8th 2017 and who reportedly fled the area after allegedly chopping off one of her hands is believed to have died by committing suicide.

Mckoy’s News learnt that the decomposed body of Willard Grey otherwise called “Pressa” was discovered in bushes in Wakesfield, Trelawny last Sunday afternoon June 4th.

A large container which is believed to contain a deadly WEEDICIDE Gramoxone was discovered beside the body.

The police in Wakefield reported that on May 8th, Grey and his common law wife got involved in an argument after she reportedly served him a cold dinner.

Grey reached for a machete, which he use to chop off one of her hands before running from the house into bushes.

Several searches were carried out to located him but without success.

Later he reportedly texted a family member by cellphone and allegedly told that he was going to drink poison to take his own life.

Last Sunday, June 4th 2017 residents in Wakefield stumbled upon a decomposed body and summoned the police. Following investigations, family members came to the scene and identified the body to be that of the missing man.

The Wakefield police are presently carrying out investigations into the gruesome discovery.

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