Man Stabs Common-law Wife and Daughter to Death in St James

The Montego Bay Freeport and Mount Salem police, in St James, have now joined forces in the investigation of a man who reportedly hacked his common-law wife,  and his step-daughter to death, in the Rosemount community  on Sunday morning,  September 23 and committed suicide.
The dead woman has been identified as Dionne Smith, 45-year-old  service station supervisor of Rosemount and her 16-year-old daughter Jayshenel Gordon,  who attends the Herbert Morrison High School.
Man Chop Common Law Wife and Daughter to Death in St James
The accused man,  Fabian Lyewsang,  fled the scene immediately after committing the gruesome act and later committed suicide by driving the victim’s Nissan Tida motorcar into the Rio Cobre River.
Reports by the police are that about 2:15 a.m.  on Sunday,  September 23, Lyewsang and his common-law wife got involved in an argument at the family house in Rosemount.
It is further reported that the accused used a knife to stab his common-law wife multiple times to her upper body, then slit her throat.
Man Chop Common Law Wife and Daughter to Death in St James
He then went upstairs and slit Jayshenele throat while in her sleep.
The accused took his 13-year-old son from the house, and drove away with him in her vehicle. Lyewsang drove from the community to St Catherine and after concealing the small boy, he then drove the vehicle into the Rio Cobre River, killing himself.
The St James police are now asking members of the public for assistance in locating the 13-year-old child.
Man Chop Common Law Wife and Daughter to Death in St James


  • This is wickedness and cowardice. I do not understand how the human mind can become so twisted

  • We need to look at these men behaviours,I am assuming is bun him getting, and who rise,why after him done he hides his son and do what’s best kill himself.
    Too much of this happening with these crazy men,they must get involved but must not.
    I am just assuming that it’s an affair situation

  • She was my friend and not only did she left me broken she left everyone with a feeling that will never go away a heart wrenching one ..everytime I think about her and her mom all I can do is cry til I can’t cry anymore

  • If him can save his son why didn’t he save the Lady daughter just like how his son has nothing to do with it so does the little girl but what can we do but pray

  • I said the same why did he kill the poor child she did get a chance to become a woman oh God why the devil is out of chains…



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