Man Charged for Wounding Woman

Antonio Mckoy CEO - Mckoy's NewsMontego Bay, Jamaica  (Mckoy’s News) – Man Charged for Wounding Woman:  A not guilty plea was entered for Dwayne Elliot who has been accused of hitting a woman with a knife over one of her eyes causing a wound.

Elliott appeared before the St. James Parish Court on Wednesday, July 12 to face a charge of unlawful wounding.

The date of the incident was not disclosed but the prosecution alleged that Elliott and the woman were engaged in a dispute during which Elliott pulled a knife and hit the complainant over her right eye causing a wound.

However, the defendant denied the allegations saying he did not use a knife to hit her and that it was a Magnum bottle that he used.

‘Mi neva use any knife ma’am….It was a bottle that I picked up from the ground, Elliott told Parish Judge Sandria Wong-Small.

Elliott further explained that he was defending himself as the complainant first hit him with a rum bottle then came up in his face. “She run up on mi and a flair up and I hit her with the bottle,” said Elliott.

In light of the defendant’s explanation, the judge said she would enter a not guilty plea then set the matter for mention again on August 10. Elliott’s bail was extended.

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