Man Boxes Aunt after Accusing Her of Carrying News to His Girlfriend

Jamaica Crime News, St James: A St James lifeguard who reportedly slapped his aunt in her face after accusing her of “carrying news” to his girlfriend is to be sentenced in June.

Thirty-year-old Arthur Drummond pleaded guilty to the charge of assault occasioning bodily harm when he appeared before the St. James Parish Court Wednesday morning.

According to the allegations read out in court, on April 16, the complainant was at her niece’s house when Drummond arrived there and started an argument with her. During the argument, Drummond allegedly slapped his aunt on her cheek.

“That sort of behavior is appropriate because…?” Wong-Small said prompting the accused man to explain the reason for his action.

“Is only one time I slapped her,” Drummond answered.

But the complainant, who was present in court, denied Drummond’s claim, saying he also tried to stone her.

“Him slap me one time and fling stone and bottle after me. Him say mi a ‘carry news’ to his girlfriend,” the complainant disclosed to the court.

The judge subsequently made an order for a social enquiry report to assist in determining Drummond’s sentence and extended his bail until June 28 when he will be sentenced.

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