Man Beats up Cousin after He Reported a Case of Malicious Detruction Against Him

Jamaica News: A man who allegedly beats up his cousin, after the cousin reported a case of malicious destruction of property against him, showed up in the St. James Parish Court Wednesday morning to answer to the charge against him.

The defendant, Anthony Samuels, had previously pleaded guilty to the charge before St. James Parish Judge Sandria Wong-Small.

The complainant failed to show up for court on Wednesday, and only made an appearance when the matter was first mentioned.

The clerk-of-court indicated to the court on Wednesday that the complainant was only interested in compensation but Wong-Small said he needs to come to court to make his intention known to the court.

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The judge then instructed the investigating officer to take a statement from the complainant.

Samuels was subsequently bind over until June 13 when the matter comes back to court.

The date of the incident was not disclosed, but it is alleged that Samuels went into his cousin’s room and damaged his dresser drawers and a speaker.

The matter was reported to the police, and after Samuels was issued with a summons, he went and beat up the complainant.


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