Man arrested after police find marijuana in his Bob Marley backpack

Who would have ever thought to search a Bob Marley backpack for marijuana?

A 23-year-old Florida man was arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to sell after astute Pinellas County cops found pot in his backpack, which featured an image of the reggae legend famous for tunes including “Ganja Gun” and “I Shot the Sheriff.”

Samuel Antwoine Bryant was pulled over on the afternoon of July 5 because his car’s registration had expired and a brake light was out, according to an arrest affidavit posted on the Smoking Gun. A deputy claiming to smell marijuana searched the car, where he reportedly found “a mason jar with 2 zip lock bags containing a green leafy substance,” which tested for weed. A field test revealed that leafy substance was 42 grams of ganja.

Officers found Bryant “then and there (to) unlawfully have in his possession, custody or control a certain controlled substance, to-wit-cannabis sativa, commonly known as marijuana,” the police report reads.
Bryant posted $2,000 bond and was released later that night. According to the report, he was busted for the same felony offense in 2018 and given probation.

Marley, an international superstar who died in 1981, was an advocate for cannabis use. His family launched the Marley Natural herbal brand in 2014.

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