Man Angers Judge

Antonio Mckoy CEO - Mckoy's NewsMontego Bay, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Man Angers Judge After he Boldly Tells her he Smokes Weed:  A man who blatantly told the court that he smokes weed and uses his knife to cut it up was scolded by presiding Parish Judge Sandria Wong-Small on Wednesday, July 12.

The defendant, Kevin Forde appeared in court on a charge of possession of an offensive weapon after he was reportedly found in possession of a silver folding knife.

He pleaded not guilty to possession of an offensive weapon.

In court, Forde told Judge Wong-Small that a police officer had given him back that knife and told his that it was not classified as illegal.

“It’s a little knife to cut up weed because I smoke weed,” Forde bravely told the judge which did not go down well with her.

“I thought you are very bright to stand up so boldly in my face to tell me what you were doing with the knife,” said an irate Wong-Small.

“Don’t do it again,” the judge reprimanded.

“I am sorry your honour,” replied Forde.

Wong-Small subsequently set the matter for trial on August 16 and extended Forde’s bail.

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