Mackie Conscious Release New Single “I’m Alive

Roots singer Mackie Conscious releases new single “I’m Alive “as a celebration of his birthday September 23. Instead of receiving, is giving a gift to the world.

Mr. Conscious who sees himself not just a reggae singer /musician but one who appreciates all genres of music and believes music is just a vehicle to carry his lyrics.

This up-tempo dancing beat similar to the Third word “now that we found love” is specifically chosen as a song of celebration fitting for the ultimate party people, choreograph dance moves, an exercise music in the gym or just words of inspiration.

“I’m Alive”, seeks to inspire, irrespective of your circumstance as long as you are alive there is hope. He is hoping all who come in contact with this song will share it and make it heard all over the world making it a global hit with the message this world needs today.

His earlier released single “Follow Your Dreams” made the Foundation network Chart hosted by Veteran broadcaster Clinton Lindsey up to number 13, the WAVS 1170 chart at number 1 hosted by Mikey B both in the USA,  It made several radio stations other places in the USA, Africa,  Europe and other parts of the world.

“Follow your Dreams” also formed the focus of his recent school tour across schools in St James inspiring the Youth to believe in themself.

“I’m Alive”,   is the second single released for 2019 from the proposed album “Inspiration “which is, as the name suggests, songs to inspire.

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