Mackerel Dragged After Video At Birthday Party Goes Viral

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The Tek Weh People Man sensation, Ladasha Francis, more popularly known as Mackerel, continues to be dragged by internet users who viewed a viral video from her recent birthday party, where things seemingly got out of hand with a male guest of the party.

The man called ‘Munchi’ can be seen in the video, holding Mackerel in various positions with very little resistance from the entertainer.

Mackerel’s best friend, Abby, who appears in numerous videos on social media with the entertainer and shares her youtube channel, is said to have been one of the person’s recording the video that went viral.

“Mackerel is not 100% sane! That’s quite obvious she’s indeed of some help n some positive ppl around her,” one Instagram user commented under a video posted with the entertainer and her best friend on her page yesterday.

Mackerel was a guest on Spice’s Magnum show in December.
“Please I was rating u but sweetheart u just turn barely adult. U gonna ruin your career or whatever u trying do if u keep slackness around u” said another.

In a voice recording shared by YouTuber Teeze Loco, Mackerel was unapologetic about the incident, citing that she would only be embarrassed if she had reciprocated.

“… a him waa dweet… Abby did a draw me and me a call out Abby Abby and so Abby a draw me , him a draw me and a nyam me”

In the audio recording, Mackerel later mentioned that there is talk that the man in question has AIDS but said she had nothing to fear as they did not have penetrative sex. “What ever happened in that video, a that alone happen deh so…. So me nah shame”, she said.

Since the incident, Mackerel has been body-shamed and trolled for her IQ and reckless behavior.

Mackerel rose to fame in 2019 after a video she posted glorifying the act of taking men who were in a relationship with other women, went viral.

She released a single in April 2019 called “Tek Weh People Man” and has been in the middle of controversy since then.

The entertainer who recently turned 20 has been on several entertainment shows but is most remembered for a tell-all interview with Winford Williams of OnStage, where she opened up about abuse during her childhood and the break down in the relationship with her mother.


Source: Dancehallmag 

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