Macfield Road Is Now 98% Complete

Jamaica News: Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the repairs being done on Ferris to Macfield Main Road in Westmoreland will increase tourism interest in the area and spur economic activity.

The Prime Minister toured sections of the roadway on Wednesday (October 2).

The NWA has advised that the roadway is now 98% complete.

“The residents I am certain are very happy that this road has been repaired, the commuting public particularly those who use it as a connecting route from St. James, from Montego Bay, to the south coast would be very happy for this. The tourism interest in the area would be very happy for this,” said Prime Minister Holness.

Prime Minister Holness noted that the road project was not without its challenges as the settlement pattern was not in line with stipulated building regulation.

“So, when it comes to expanding the road there would be challenges. We have had to purchase many properties along the road, and I have expressed my gratitude to those who have been affected they have been very patient. We would have seen in the papers where some residents complained, I read their complaints and I had a long discussion with the NWA and we made sure that where compensation was necessary that it was done,” said Prime Minister Holness.

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According to Prime Minister Holness, the roadway will be completed with the road marking, signage, and sidewalks.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Holness also assured residents that he will ensure that the government agencies are working together to ensure that the newly built roads are not destroyed to install meters for water connection.

“Residents have been making some complaints about the immediate digging up of the road for NWC meter connections, water connections, those I will have a word with the NWC to make sure that the surface that they have just laid down is not destroyed but generally I think the people of Westmoreland, particularly the communities along this road are very happy, it will increase commerce, it will increase the comfort of travel and I think it will also spur economic activity,” said Prime Minister Holness.


Source: JIS News

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