Love, Sex and Relationships


What is love and why do people ‘fall in or out of love?’

Some say love is a fantasy, some say love is infatuation, others say love is a feeling you feel when you feel a weird sensation in your body, butterflies in your stomach and still others say love is an indescribable, extraordinary and supernatural experience. But what do you say?

Love may also be understood as a function to keep human beings together against menaces and to facilitate the continuation of the species. Of course, why not? I need to know that because I am loved, I can love in return and also feel safe in the arms of my lover; I could never imagine my life without him/her. I would want my daughter or son to look just like him or her.

When two persons get married, they pledge to love until death, but how often we see that (after a few or couple months, maybe years, if it get that far) the persons involved in this relationship say they are no longer in love. How could that love lost its taste?

We begin to think then – oh, were they ever in love, or could the ‘love’ they felt for each other die already? How did they become attracted to one another in the first place? Was it real love or just a fleeting feeling they felt at that phase of their lives?

For some persons, it was definitely love, whether at first, second or last sight. As the song says, “It must be love, it must be love, I fall like a sparrow and fly like a dove; You must be the dream I’ve been dreaming of, Oh what a feeling, it must be love”.

Think about it – are you really in love or is it just a “butterflies in the stomach” feeling at this phase of your life?


Sex means different things to different people. Above all, it is a healthy and natural activity.  It is something most people enjoy and find meaningful even if they create meaning in different ways.

Sexual pleasure can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. But how do you react to your sexuality and sexual pleasure?

Each person has a different and unique experience of orgasms or what is commonly known as “cumming”, but the most common experiences may include: a feeling of warmth, faster heartbeat, sweating, faster and harder breathing, your face and chest might get flushed, and you will have muscle spasms in your genitals. Some feel the urge to moan or scream out in pleasure. It is often intense and feels really good (really gooood).

So – are you experiencing your full sexuality and unending sexual pleasure in your experiences or encounters?


What is the meaning of a Relationship? There are different meanings for different kinds. Firstly, the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected. Secondly, the state of being connected by blood or marriage and finally, the way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave towards each other.

Human beings are social animals, and most of us yearn for close relationships with other people. Relationships require a lot of work and a lot of communication, but it can still be hard to understand what the other person is thinking.

I believe it’s a connection you share with someone special, where you are willing to do anything for the other person without thinking it’s a compromise. There’s never a compromise in a relationship, there’s just understanding between two people.

It is a connection where you trust each other no matter what. It’s where you support each other through the bad times, smile and be happy in the good times. It’s being there for each other no matter what the circumstances.

Therefore, in light of the above, whether the relationship is between a parent and child, a sister and brother, manager and employee, two friends or a husband and wife, the same rules should apply; the same sentiments should be shared.

It’s important to know your rights in any relationship, as well as how you can develop patience, honesty, kindness, and respect for the other person, as these are very important characteristics of a genuine relationship.

Contributed by Nichola Panton

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