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Lottery Scam Bust

St. Elizabeth (Mckoy’s News)- Lottery Scam Bust: The police in the parish of St Elizabeth said they have made another arrest in connection with a Lottery Scam Bust in Morning Side District in the parish on Thursday (September 7, 2017) morning. According to the lawmen, this latest arrest has now left three persons behind bars following the raid at a premises on Thursday.

Reports by the police are that shortly after 8:00 a.m. on Thursday a raid was carried out at a house on Morning Side Drive, St Elizabeth which is believed to be occupied by persons involved in the lottery scam.

Following a search of the house, the lawmen discovered more than a dozen cellphones, list of names of overseas residents and a high profiled vehicle. It is further stated that a male and female occupants of the house were taken into custody and an amount of cash allegedly seized. A Mercedes Benz motor car was discovered hidden in bushes.

On Friday morning the police reportedly took a man into custody who is believed to be involved in the bust on Thursday and in the process seized another motor vehicle

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