Unidentified Man

“Long Life” Found Dead in Rock District, Trelawny

The Trelawny police are awaiting a post mortem examination to determine the cause of death, of a St James man whose body was discovered under a bridge, with injuries to his throat, in the parish on Friday, November 5.
He has been identified as 57-year-old Donovan Smith, otherwise called “Long Life”, self employed of Dumfries community in St James.
Reports by the police are that about 5:00 pm, police received information that a man was seen lying along the walkway between some rocks in the vicinity of a bridge, in Rock district.
The police went to investigate, and on arrival, they saw a man, who was later identified as Smith, lying along the shoreline of the sea with wounds to his throat.
He was removed from the scene by ambulance to the Falmouth hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.
The police say, Smith may have committed suicide and taken taken his own life.

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